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The Four-in-hand

The four-in-hand is the all-time classic tie knot. It is by far the most used, because it is so simple to tie. It works well for most types of ties and with nearly all types of shirt collars. It is perfect for men of medium height, and for tall men. This knot is the easiest to learn among the four most commonly used tie knots (the four-in-hand knot, the half-Windsor knot, the Windsor knot and the Pratt knot).

The Four in Hand Knot makes for a narrow, more discreet and slightly asymmetrical tie knot. It is best suited for a standard button-down dress shirt and works best with wide neckties made from heavy fabrics. It is a small tie knot that suits shirts with a narrow collar opening and is suitable for most occasions. However, the four-in-hand knot is asymmetric, which does not look good on wide collar shirts.

Step 1-8:

  1. Start with the wide end on your right. Extend it about 30 cm below the narrow end of youStartr necktie
  2. Cross the wide end over the narrow end
  3. Pull the wide end back underneath the narrow end
  4. Bring the wide end around the narrow end
  5. Bring the wide end up into the neck loop from underneath
  6. Pull the wide end of the tie under the loop around your neck
  7. Put the wide end through the knot at the front of the tie
  8. Tighten and straighten up the tie. Draw up to the collar and you are now ready for the day.

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