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How to tie a tie

“For the modern gentleman, putting on a tie and accessorising, is about sending a conscious signal about where you are going in life!” The essence of good style depends on the various details you see. The perfect tie completes your look to perfection.

Choose your favorite tie knot

Four-in-hand knot

The Half windsor knot

The windsor knot

The Pratt knot

Tie a bow tie


Worth to know

  • It is important that you cannot see the tie in the neck of the shirt collar
  • Do not reuse your tie knot from day to day – always tie it up. By doing so your tie will last much longer.
  • Never wash your tie with water
  • Iron / steam only your tie on the back. By doing so your tie will look fresh and new longer
  • Be careful not to tighten the knot too much. A tie, which is flat on the sides, is not elegant

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